Best Extra Wide Dog Ramp 2019

Extra Wide Dog Ramp


Why buy an Extra Wide Dog Ramp?

As dogs grow older, unfortunately their joints grow older with them. Good structured stability may become a struggle for them to maintain on a regular basis and your four legged friend may not be as spritely on their legs as they used to be. If you noticed them falling behind on walks, mild swelling or head radiating from a joint or witness them licking potentially affected joints, it may be wise to consult you vet and see what their thoughts are on buying an Extra Wide Dog Ramp for your pet.


An extra wide dog ramp provides the additional horizontal space required for dogs to manoeuvre who are unsteady on their legs, finding the ideal one for and your dog is of paramount importance to reduce the risk of injury whilst they climb their ramp, take a look below to see a comparison list of the best picks available on the market to aid you in making your choice. 


Hip and Joint Pain

Stability is an important factor contributing to your pets daily life, as much as a dogs tail is important for balance, their joints, hips and legs are of equal importance to their overall well being. You may find that recently your pet has recently been struggling to mobilize, possibly a recent visit to your local veterinary service has confirmed these suspicions, either way, there are a range of physio therapies and medicines that can reduce inflammation in your pet.

An All-Natural Dog Joint Supplement could be a potential treatment that you may not have considered for your pet, or there are various massage-therapy techniques that could be deployed to reduce the symptoms that your animal may face, whatever the reason, getting the right dog-ramp to accompany your chosen treatment will be of crucial importance to your pets well being.




Extra Wide Dog Ramp - Best Picks 


Photo Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Buy Now
Rage Powersports DR-08XW Lightweight Aluminum Ramp Rage Powersports/250lbs
Pet Gear Extra Wide Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Pet Gear/250lbs
Lucky Dog Telescoping Ramp Lucky Dog/250lbs
Gen-7 Pets Feather Lite Ramp for Dogs Gen-7/250lbs

Rage Powersports DR-08XW Lightweight Aluminum Ramp

The Rage Powersports DR-08XW Lightweight Aluminum Ramp is first up on our best picks list and for good reason, it is an exceptionally reliable ramp that is ideal for loading pets in the backs of vans, trucks, SUVs and cars. This is mainly down to it’s immense length, once fully extended this ramp is 96 Inches in size, meaning that it can reach greater heights than other models of ramp, or can greatly reduce the incline on smaller heights as the ramp will be lower to the floor allowing for your pet to take the time they may need to ascend the ramp to their destination.


This particular model of ramp is capable of holding 250 lbs, which is great news for larger dog owners who have been struggling to find a ramp capable of holding their big dogs safely. The one potential downside with this ramp it’s weight, it weighs 26 lbs, which may be a bit of a struggle for owners that aren’t able to safely lift that amount of weight. Once folded however, the ramp does come with an in-built carry handle which would make it far easier to transport. Do not worry though, this ramp is available in 6 foot, 7 foot and 8 foot sizes, so if you think you will have trouble carrying the 26lbs that the 8 foot variety has to offer then you can easily downsize reducing the weight of the product greatly.


This ramp is bi-folding, meaning that it can fold in half for easier storage, once folded, this ramp would comfortably fit in the back of most SUVs/Minivans. It is an extra wide ramp that measures 19 inches horizontally, meaning that your pet has the lateral traction required to complete their climb in confidence that they will not slip off of the edge. The Rage Powersports DR-08XW Lightweight Aluminum Ramp comes with paw-friendly grip tape that provides a good amount of traction for your pets ascent/descent.


Overall, this ramp is an extremely useful asset to have to assist your pet where needed, the ramp is an aluminum construction which is why it is so hefty in weight, as mentioned above, this ramp comes in 3 different size varieties so if you think you would struggle to lift 26lbs without causing yourself injury then consider downsizing the length of the ramp where required. Take a look for yourself and see!

Pet Gear Extra Wide Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX

Pet Gear are back with their supertraX tread with their Extra Wide Travel Lite Ramp model, the ramp is fitted with their supertraX grip which is, without argue, the best tread available on the market. The tread itself is extremely soft and protective of your pet’s paws and your car’s exterior/interior paintwork.


It can be detached from the ramp itself for simple cleaning and it pressure activated meaning that as soon as your pet applies pressure with its front legs it will mould into the shape of their paws to provide an unchallenged level of traction to their climb.


This ramp comes with raised edges that provide a guide for your pet during their climb allowing them to tunnel vision to their destination in confidence that they will not fall off of the edge, there are rubber grippers attached to the underside of the ramp as standard on all PetGear products that prevent the ramp from moving if you have a larger dog ascending the ramp or a smaller dog bouncing up on their way to the back of your SUV/Car.


This ramp is a tri-folding extra wide ramp meaning that it can be folded 3 times to provide an extremely compact storage solution, this ramp extends to 71 inches in length so once folded fully it will reduce to 24 inches allowing ample room to store in the back of your vehicle. There is a suitcase style built-in handle that can be used to carry the ramp from A to B.


This ramp is capable of holding weights of up to 200lbs meaning that extra-large dogs may struggle slightly due to the flex that the ramp may receive upon operation. It is extremely wide, at 19.5 inches in size, which may negate this minor downside as your dog will remain confident if the ramp bounces because they have ample room either side of them to regain their footing if this should occur.


Overall this ramp is the best wide dog ramp in terms of traction and tread, the holding power lacks slightly compared to other models on the market but if you own a dog that isn’t extremely large you will have no problem with this ramp whatsoever, it weighs in at 27lbs which is again on the heavy side of things but if opened carefully it will provide the most comfortable and confidence inducing experience for your pet.

Lucky Dog Telescoping Ramp

The Lucky Dog Telescoping Extra Wide Dog Ramp is the only telescopic variety of extra wide dog ramp on our review list, this is because telescopic ramp manufacturers tend to aim for length over width as a marketing goal due to their vast extensions. Lucky Dog have gone against the norm with this variety of dog ramp and have released a telescopic model that is 16 inches wide, giving you the same length you would expect from telescopic models but with the added benefit of additional traction that you get from wider types of ramp.


This ramp is incredibly lightweight for a dog ramp that is capable of holding up to 200lbs, the ramp itself weighs 17 pounds in total which is a fraction of the product weight that you would expect from any extra wide dog ramp currently available on the market. It boasts a high traction walking surface that is extremely paw-friendly and an adjustable surface length due to its telescopic functionalities so you can extend and retract the ramp to your desired measurements with ease.


This ramp comes with an in-built carry handle for easy ramp manoeuvrability whilst not in use. The telescopic function of the extra wide dog ramp itself retracts to a length of 39 inches for ease of storage and once fully retracted will be 4 inches in height, meaning it can be laid flat in the back of most SUVs and cars extremely simply.


Overall this ramp is great for dog owners that are unsure of what measurements they require for their vehicle or for those who use more than one vehicle for transporting their dogs on alternate days as this ramp can be retracted and extended to a length of your choosing, the ramp can hold weights of large dogs but extra-large dogs may experience a slight amount of flex and bounce in the ramp, depending on circumstance though, this may be the ideal extra wide dog ramp for you.

Gen-7 Pets Feather Lite Ramp for Dogs

The Gen7Pets Feather Lite Ramp for Dogs is the lightest extra wide ramp in its category, the entire construct weighs only 15lbs but is capable of holding a whopping 250 pounds, meaning that this ramp is able to maintain the weight of very large dogs whilst being incredibly light.


The ramp itself is 16 inches in width which is extremely wide for the bi-folding variety of dog ramp, once folded this ramp reduces in length to 36 inches, giving you ample room for storage in the back of your vehicle. This ramp automatically locks once folded creating a safer experience for you, this is because folding a ramp and having to lock them manually may cause injury to your fingers if you are not careful.


This model is remarkably thin for it’s large maximum holding capacity, it folds to a thickness of 3 inches which means it is the thinnest dog ramp available on the market, this may be of benefit to you as it frees up potentially useful storage space in the back of your vehicle without being a detriment to the actual functionalities of the ramp itself.


Overall the Gen7Pets Feather Lite Ramp for Dogs meets the needs of those who are lacking in storage space but need a ramp that is capable of maintaining the weight of any size of dog. It is known on the market as being the lightest and most compact ramp available so it would be the choice option for those unable to lift heavy weights to avoid personal injury.


As far as a safety option for your four legged friend goes, the Extra Wide Dog Ramp is unparalleled in todays market. It provides the greatest walking surface area for your pet to ascend, giving them the confidence required to enter the rear of your vehicle. However, the extra traction and surface area does result in heavier ramp weight. If you think you may struggle to bear the weight of an Extra Wide Dog Ramp, then why not have a look at our;

Folding Dog Ramp Reviews

The Folding variety of dog ramp is easier on your back and arms as they tend to be far easier to store and a lot lighter to manoeuvre and transport, Extra Wide Dog Ramps are extremely safe for your pet but very heavy for humans!