Ramp Treads

Ramp Treads



Scouring the internet for the ideal dog ramp may prove to be harder than we first anticipate; there are many elements to factor in prior to hitting that purchase button.


Ramp treads are definitely one of the necessary elements that it is paramount to research prior to buying a ramp depending on our dog’s needs. Below we will cover the main varieties of dog ramp treads and detail their pros and cons to give you a better indication of what is the best choice for your dog.


supertraX is a form of ramp tread that was designed and patented by the PetGear group, they have applied this tread to many ramp models after its release as the response from their customers were so incredibly positive. This ramp tread is green in colour and is removable for machine washing. It is highly regarded as the best grip available on the market due to its super soft exterior, it has pressure activated grip.


The supertraX mat is a preferred choice to a larger variety of carpet based treads as it will allow your dogs paw pads to have a far greater area of surface once the ramp is being operated for optimal grip and confidence. The surface moulds around your pets paws as soon as weight is applied the tread. It is an extremely comfortable form of tread and definitely worth considering when buying your dog ramp.

Rubberised Grips

The rubberised grip is a form of tread that is extremely versatile; it is protected against weathering and can be operated safely regardless of whether it is wet or dry. It produces a very solid level of grip on your pets paw pads and gives your dog something to sink their claws into allowing them additional aid whilst ascending a ramp or staircase.


Rubberised grip varieties of ramp are incredibly easy to keep clean as well, there is no need to detach the tread and wash separately, soap and water will do the trick on all forms of rubberised ramps which makes them exceptionally good quality treads overall.


Very few varieties of ramp on the market use comfortable Faux-Grass as their choice of tread, which we at dogrampforsuv find absolutely baffling since it is such an ingenious idea. You will not find a ramp tread that your pet is more accustomed to, as the feel of grass on their paws has been ingrained in their DNA.


Since dogs are naturally wild creatures their bodies have adapted in a way that allows them to excel on grassy areas whilst hunting so having a ramp tread that mimics this surface is a huge plus point but manufacturers clearly do not share this form of mentality. The Gen-7 Natural Pet Ramp is a great example of this ramp tread being used correctly and the user rating on amazon mirrors our thoughts, if we get in contact with any dog ramp manufacturers in the future we’ll be sure to let them know our thoughts!

Reflective Tracking Tape

Reflective tape is another one of our favourite ideas; this ramp tape is marketed at dogs that are slightly visually impaired but is ideal for any form of dogs. Remember, dogs are unable to see colour, so reflective tracking tape that shines light back at your dog instead of colour is a sure-fire way of ensuring that they are on the right lines.


These forms of tread provide slightly reduced grip depending on the surface of the ramp itself, however, we are yet to see a rubberised ramp with reflective tracking tape, we feel that it would be a very strong contender for the top spot and if this was the case as it would combine visibility, safety and incredible grip to form a very decent tread indeed. The reflective tracking tape is incredibly useful as light starts to fade and darkness creeps in, it is not quite glow in the dark, but if the moon is visible it will still be easily noticeable for your pet allowing you to comfortably go on night walks with your pooch if you desire.