Extra’s and Add-ons


Additional parts that can be added to your dog’s ramps are a large part of the process of choosing a ramp for your pet.


From protecting your vehicle from unwanted marks and scratches to padded safety mats that sit underneath your ramp to catch your pooch should they take a tumble, it is a very good idea to check out some of the products listed below as there are a mass of extras and add-ons available that are incredibly useful to you and your pet.

Dog Lifting Harness

If your pet is finding their incline too steep, or they need more of a hand guiding themselves up their ramps, they can be fitted with a Dog Lifting Harness so that the feel stable with your support whilst climbing into the back of your vehicles, in our opinion however, we recommend that this should not count as a complete alternative to a dog ramp as it is extremely distressing for your dog to lift them from the ground to the back of your vehicle using this harness alone.


It should be used as more of a walking aid if necessary for your pet to give them that extra boost that they may need. The harness is creating with a dense, durable material that is attached the adjustable handle straps, it also comes in 5 different sizes on amazon so make sure you refer to the guide listed to ensure you get the correct size for your pet.


Dog Hammock

For those dogs that call shotgun and decide to sit in the chairs rather than the trunk, there is an incredibly well designed chair cover that saves your precious vehicle interior from being ruined by muddy footprints and dirt. Most Dog Hammocks are entirely machine washable, stain resistant and completely waterproof, there are straps that fit on the underside of the chair that holds the cover in place whilst the vehicle is in motion.


It also only covers the seating area itself and does not include any of the backrest meaning that this cover even works for seats attached with drink and cup holders and also accommodates oddly shaped arm rests. Keeping your seat clean is extremely simple with this piece of equipment so it may be worth adding to your wish list if you own a messy pooch!







Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Keeping your dog safe and comfortable is a top priority to all dog owners around the world, the Memory Foam Dog Mattress is a multi-functioning bedding/crash mat for dogs that are extra unsteady on their feet whilst climbing their ramps. Simply place this mat on the underside of the ramp whilst your dog is climbing the ramp to give them the assurance that they will have a soft landing if any slips do occur.


Once they have completed their climb this Safety mat can be removed from underneath the ramp and placed neatly in the back of most SUVs/Cars to act as a comfortable bed for your dog to use on their journey. Most models come with a microsuede covering that can be removed for machine washing and is aimed at dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Safety always comes first!


Dog Joint Supplements

If your Pet is having joint problems then giving them a small booster to aid them on their travels may be a decent option, like Dog Joint Supplements. Understandably, many people are extremely cautious about feeding their pets anything without veterinary review, however the ingredients in these products are not created chemically and are made from a multitude of natural ingredients making these entirely safe for most dogs to consume.


These supplements encourage cartilage repair and reduce joint swelling in the process. We would suggest taking a bottle to your local veterinarian if you are having doubts about the products and would like a second opinion of course.





SUV Cargo Liner

If your pet has access to the rear of your vehicle during their outings then your vehicle may receive paintwork and interior damage over time. The NAC&ZAC Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner fits perfectly in the back of almost all SUVs and even has an extended lip that sits over the rear bumper which is absolutely ideal if you are consistently using a ramp up against the rear of your vehicle.


This cargo liner is entirely machine washable and simply fits around the back headrests of your vehicle using an adjustable strap. This will ensure that your pet is kept comfortable in the back of your vehicle and that your vehicle stays completely safe from bumps and scratches that it may receive from consistent ramp usage. Have a look below and let us know what you think in our blog section!





There are many Extras and Add-ons available on the market that ensure you and your pets experience whilst getting them into your vehicle is as simple as possible.


Not all of them are necessary but many of them make your lives that much easier, these are definitely worth considering if you or your pet is struggling with the functionalities of a dog ramp. If you are yet to choose your ideal ramp to attach all of these extras and add-ons to, View our Dog Ramps for SUV Here!