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Why Buy a Dog Pool Ramp?

As much as your four legged friend may be the greatest company and the happiest companion to meet your needs, sometimes they need to have a bit of fun too, right? Be it for pure entertainment purposes, or because you want to get your pet fighting fit, introducing them to the swimming pool may be a great way to provide a great playtime experience for your dog and will help them shed those pesky pounds if necessary!


Getting your pet in and out of the pool may be a bit of a difficulty though, as, once wet, your pets fur will weigh far more than you may originally anticipate, so simply picking them up out of the water will likely not be an option. There is a solution though, a Dog Pool Ramp will allow your pet to remove themselves from the pool whenever they wish and climb back in if needed. Finding the ideal one for you and your pet is that hard part though, click here to browse through our top picks of Dog Pool Ramp and choose the perfect one for you!

For Fitness or Pleasure, Swimming Pools are Great for Dogs

If you own a pet, it should be your top priority to care for it's well-being, so keeping them fit and healthy will be high up on the agenda. Regular walks will be enough for most dogs, but some dogs struggle to shed the fat faster than others, so getting your dog in the pool on warmer days of the year could be an ideal way to help them remove any excess baggage they are carrying around them. Using a Dog Ramp for Pool can provide you with an easy alternative to coaxing your pet in the pool if they are a first timer, some dogs can be toe-dippers too you know! 


But even if your pets enjoy a playful plunge in the pool, it is a great way for them to release any extra heat they have stored in their fur and provides a bit of a clean at the same time. We review the best Dog Ramps for your swimming pool so you can enjoy the time spared with your four legged friend!



Dog Pool Ramp - Best Picks Comparison Table


Photo Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Buy Now
Skamper Ramp - Super Large Skamper Ramp/100lbs
WAG Boarding Steps - Above Ground Pools WAG/130lbs
Paws Aboard 5300 PoolPup Steps - Small Paws Aboard/80lbs



Skamper - Super Ramp

Ranked #1 on our best picks list is the Skamper Super Ramp, this ramp serves as the perfect escape or entry into any pool and it comes in two different sizes on amazon, there is an extended version (pictured) and an un-extended version that serves the needs of smaller breeds of dog. The pet gets their grip by latching their claws into the perforated holes within the ramps surface to pull themselves out of the water safely. This particular model can maintain maximum capacity weights of up to 150lbs, so would be ideal for small/medium breed sizes of dogs but larger dogs would struggle with the plastic construction.


The ramp itself is made of 8mm thick polypropelene and is chemical and UV resistant, meaning that it wont turn yellow in the sun or if exposed to chemicals such as lightly chlorine swimming pools. This model is 27 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 6 inches in height, giving ample room for maneuver once your pet has fully surfaced from the water.


This ramp is recommended for use in above-ground pools and the ramp can be tied by the side of your pool, the hardware and rope is included within your purchase, so there should be no need for you to add any extras to the ramp once it is constructed, the hardware that comes with the ramp is: a nylon rope, ample amount of nuts, bolts and a wing strip to aid tying the product down. If this all sounds like technical jargen then the ramp, as standard, comes with a set-up instruction manual for your assistance.


The Skamper Super Ramp floats extremely well and will sit on top of the water without breaking surface tension, so it should always be the perfect height for your pet to get their paws on initially. It can simply be flipped out of the water by lifting away from the pool when it is not needed. Since it is incredibly thin it can be stored relatively easily and is extremely simple to dry off for indoor storage.


In conclusion, this ramp has it all, from all of the essential attachments necessary to being exceptionally easy to remove and store, it is easily the best dog ramp for pool available on the market and will definitely be a difficult one to match, it is priced at just under $80 so take a look using the link to the left and see for yourself! 

WAG Boarding Steps for Above-Ground Pools

Up next is the WAG Boarding Steps for Above-Ground Pools. Okay, we are fully aware that this is not a dog pool ramp, but the market is extremely small for dog pool accessibility options, which is extremely unfortunate as there are some exceptional brand names that could produce incredible dog pool ramps for those who wish to keep their pets safe within the water. Anyway, on with the review!


The Wag Boarding Steps for Above-Ground Pools is the only design on the market capable of holding the weight of dogs of all sizes, it is a fully rounded metallic construction that will provide your pet with an extremely stable entrance or exit to the pool. The staircase is designed to cantilever in the water and sits at a 45 degree sloping angle that provides exceptionally dog friendly usage and will prevent any damage being done to the interior lining of your pool as the design prevents it from hitting the sides or bottom of the pool whilst being operated. 


The staircase is made up of 6 steps that are coloured yellow that will attract your pets attention when they are head-height within the water, the last thing you need is your pet becoming disorientated as to where the exit stairs are and panicking whilst within the water so giving them a high-visibility staircase will prevent this from occurring. When not in use, the staircase can simple be pivoted out of the water and laid on the lip of your pool area if necessary. 


The WAG Boarding Steps is required to be mounted on a flat surface so that the staircase is not slanted to one side preventing your pet from being able to safely ascend the staircase. The area of the pool that this staircase is attached to should be over 18" deep otherwise the staircase will not fit between the pool-side lip and the bottom of your pool. The steps of this particular model of staircase are slip-resistant and will provide a decent amount of traction even when wet, giving your pet the confidence it will need to trust using this staircase for their access to your pool.


Overall, although this staircase is not a dog pool ramp, it is an exceptional set of stairs that offer the same, if not more, functionality than a dog ramp. The staircase itself costs $199.00, which is on the slightly pricey side, but it is extremely important for you to give your pet the safest access to your pool as possible and this staircase will offer that. If your pet is confident using this staircase, you will never look back so it may be a worthy investment to give them the opportunity.






Paws Aboard 5300 PoolPup Steps Small

The Paws Aboard 5300 PoolPup Steps is the 3rd and final addition to our list, again.. we know.. it's not a dog pool ramp, but as mentioned in our previous review, the market is so extremely small for these forms of pool accessibility options that we have to take these products as they come! This particular set of stairs has received a great deal of reviews on Amazon from disgruntled customers, this is based on purchasers who have overloaded their staircase with extra large dogs, this staircase is absolutely not meant for dogs larger than 60-80lbs, so we would highly recommend a different product entirely if your dog breed is on the larger side. 


This staircase has exceptional grip, each step is layered with slip-proof grit strips that will provide excellent traction when being operated by your small pet. The steps themselves are extremely discreet and can be set up in the corner of your pool allowing for swimming to be done without fear of hitting the steps. Much like the first product we reviewed, this staircase is made of strong, stable ABS plastic that is resistant to chlorine and other pool-cleaning chemicals.


The unique design of this staircase means that it can be removed during the winter season for storage if necessary, just by removing the top 2 pins that would be drilled into the pool-side. This staircase is vinyl-liner safe and will not damage the interior of your pool as it has a counter-balance at the bottom-rear of the staircase that will only ever touch the inside wall of your swimming pool when operated by your pet.


Overall, this staircase is a decent pick for those who have smaller dogs and who wish to be able to maneuver the staircase regularly. Is is completely externally pool-safe and will not damage the interior of your pool either, your pet will have an large level of confidence when climing this staircase aswell due to it's exceptional traction in it's anti-slip grip. If you own a small/medium size dog, this may be the staircase for you!


Finding a Dog Pool Ramp on Amazon may be trickier than it seems, there is a very limited market for Dog Pool Ramps and this is apparent from the number of products listed there. The list we have compiled are the best available on the market. If you would like to keep things above ground however, then why not check out some of our folding dog ramp reviews may be of use to you

These reviews are ideal for those looking for a solution to get their dogs into the backs of their vehicles or on high set pieces of furniture. Should you consider making a purchase, it is worth noting that the warranty on all products listed on our website is valid for over a year, so if you are unhappy with the product due to defects/manufacturing issues, then all of these products are returnable to the manufacturer for a refund.