Best Dog Car Seat Cover 2019


Best Dog Car Seat Cover


Do you love your pets too much to leave them alone at home? Are you worried about your car seat getting scratches from their cute paws?


Well, all that you need to save your car seat from the damage are dog car seat covers. Finding a good quality dog car seat cover can be a challenging task in such a broad market, so we have narrowed it down for you!


Here are the comprehensive reviews of the 5 best products available on the market that are sure to give you 100% satisfaction:

Photos Name Avg. Rating Buy Now
BARKSBAR Original Pet Seat Cover For Cars
URPOWER Dog/Pet Seat Cover For Car
WINNER OUTFITTERS Dog/Pet Seat Cover For Car
BARKSBAR Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover with Seat
CARZONN Dog Car Seat Cover

1) BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars


Presenting to you one of the finest qualities of dog car seat cover which is sure to fit perfectly the seats of your car, truck, and SUV. You can also switch between dog hammock and simply covering your seat.



It is made of heavy duty and high-quality waterproof polyester which imparts it great durability. You need not worry about the sliding around of the hammock as the inbuilt features prevent it. 


You also get added protection from all kinds of litter. Moreover, two additional pockets are provided for your storage needs such as toys, bottle, etc. It has a convertible hammock design with adjustable and reinforced headrest straps to make installation an easy task.


  • This product gives a good value for money.
  • High durability, very easy to install.
  • You can clean it easily with a damp cloth
  • Simplest steps to use and can be set in your car in minimum time.
  • Excellent protection for your car seat cover.
  • The flaps cover the edges of the seat thus giving added protection.


  • It is not long enough for a full-size truck or SUV. You might have to attach extra cloth, but then you will be compromising on the strength.
  • The fabric would be nice to be heavier, i.e. quilting and the cover tends to bunch up.


This product is a great choice for daily use with minimum effort and simple to use instructions. Furthermore, it is priced very moderately and is widely used by thousands of customers without any issues for months. It can easily fit your back seat without any major issue thanks to the reinforced headrest straps.


However, while buying ensure that you are ordering it from an authorized dealer or online store. There are various first copies of this product available in the market at lower price which look quite similar, but you are only going to get disappointed after using for a week. Shop smart!

2) URPOWER Dog/Pet Seat Cover for Car


Planning a family holiday with your pet? Does that make you worry about your car seat? But you certainly don’t want to leave your favorite dog at home, right?


Well, then you need a comprehensive solution for a dog hammock for the car. Here is a 100% genuine and comprehensive review of the best product in the market:


Several products have been developed in the past years, but they lacked either the quality or many of these just didn’t fit the car.


Over the time some of the companies analyzed data and came up with a cover solution that rightly meets most of the parameters. This product has done justice with both style and quality of dog car seat cover.



  • The dog hammock has flaps on the side which means your dog can easily get in and out of the car. It also further protects doors from any texture damage.
  • Split zipper dog hammock has made it convenient for both the dog and passenger to travel together in the back seat as it can be either fully zipped or half zipped depending on your needs.
  • This product is of the size 54" x 58" which has been decided after careful consideration of all the car sizes and thus it will fit your car perfectly and protect it from scratches or mud.
  • You need not worry about liquid spilling on the cover as it is 100% waterproofs along with being extremely strong and lightweight.
  • The safety has also been assured by the non-slip material which does not let your best friend slip every time you apply brakes. The built-in seat anchors ensure that the cover does not slide.
  • The installation procedure is very simple, and you can also clean the product without any hassle. All you need is a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.


  • Pleasant Dog Hammock with the side flaps!
  • Value for the money
  • Packaging Quality is very good


  • The product is available only in selected few colors. Dog car seat covers look interesting in more vibrant colors.
  • You might have issues with big hairy dogs, and some customers have complained of stains not getting washed and hair getting stuck on the surface of the material.


In essence, it is a great product giving you a good value for money which makes it a perfect match for your car. So go ahead and buy now!



3) WINNER OUTFITTERS Dog/Pet Car Seat Cover


You go on outings, and sometimes you want to take your dog along. Now, the problem starts when your dog travels with you in your car as its paws and teeth may damage the seat of your car.


This is exactly why you should use dog car seat covers. A lot of people may think of it as just an accessory, but it is much more than that. Take a look all by yourself:


This is one of the most popular and widely products in the market with thousands of reviews from real clients who have been using it for years with no issue.



  • You can easily switch it between the hammock and standard bench coverage.
  • The size of the product is 56" Wide x 60" Long. It has been designed to fit almost all of the standard size cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • The dog car seat cover fabricated by Winner Outfitters is completely waterproof with its surface being non-slip.
  • This further prevents your best friend from slipping whenever you apply brakes thanks to built-in rubber backing with the seat anchors which prevent seats from sliding.
  • This dog hammock is made of the soft and comfortable material to make it lighter and a fun ride for your dog.
  • The side flaps, seat anchors, and the cover as a whole are very easy to install and hardly take half a minute.


  • The highlighting feature of this product is that you get guaranteed returns in case you do not like the product. The seller refunds you all of the money if you think the product doesn’t match your expectations or requirements.
  • Quality packaging and quick delivery.


  • The size may be an issue in case you have a very large size dog and a car.
  • More colors could have been offered to make the product look interesting.



A lot of fake products with the same brand logo and tagline have appeared on the market so make sure that you are purchasing it from a reliable seller.


It is widely available in major e-commerce websites. So go ahead and buy a dog hammock for the car right now!



4) BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover With Seat Anchors for Cars, Trucks, and Suv's


Going on a drive with your favorite puppy could be a little tricky as their paws might scratch the seat or their teeth or fur may dirty your car.


But you cannot leave your pet at home too as you need your favorite companion to make your holiday joyful. Presenting to you the best dog car seat cover that is sure to bring a smile on your face and shoo away all the worries.


This product is highly popular and is available on all the major e-commerce platforms which are also priced moderately and rightly proves to be an ideal solution for your vacation. Here is the quick look at all of its features, pros and cons to help you decide if this is the right dog hammock you need:


  • Just like any other dog hammock for the car, this one also can be switched between the hammock and standard bench coverage. Measuring as 54" x 59" this product is bound to fit perfectly in standard car sizes, trucks, or even SUVs.
  • What sets this product apart is that the seat sides are now cushioned with the extra flaps of the size 7”.
  • The performance of this product is guaranteed by the high quality of the material which gives extra durability. It is also waterproof thus protecting your seats from liquid spillage.
  • If you are worried about the coverslipping on the sides of the seat, then worry no more as the innovative Velcro provisions prevent that from happening.
  • It also provides added protection to your seats from fur or any litter.
  • You can store extra items like bottles, comb, accessories, etc. in the two pockets provided additionally.


  • It is made from carefully chosen and handpicked fabric which makes it resist color bleeding.
  • Most of the components do not contain any dye or other heavy metal which might cause damage to the users. This ensures that your pup is safe from all the harmful chemicals used in other cheap quality dog hammock.
  • It has also been tested in the laboratory under extreme conditions for a guaranteed performance!


  • May not fit all the sizes of the car. Read reviews before buying.


In essence, it is a lightweight, durable, waterproof, high-quality dog car seat cover which is a must-have for your car! Buy now!



5) CarZonn Dog Car Seat Cover


Are you heading out for a vacation? Have you decided to take your pet along with you?


The chances are that you might be worried about your car seats and you should be at their paws, teeth, and furs are the real problem while travelling. Let’s take a look at the best dog hammock for the car which is available online:


This product is a must-have if you are going on a small trip with family and need a high quality & stylish dog hammock for the car. Below is a full description of all of its features, pros, and cons for you:



  • It is designed perfectly to fit all the standard size cars, large trucks, and SUVs. Good enough for both small and large dogs that can fit very securely.
  • It is provided with two seat anchors which keep your dog in the place and prevents it from sliding every time that you apply brakes.
  • Your concern for your pet’s health is also taken care of as the material is environmental, antibacterial and odor-free.
  • This dog hammock material is highly durable and prevents any scratch. Its waterproof qualities also help in protecting the seats from any liquid spillage.
  • The side flaps also give extra protection to your dogs climbing in the car.
  • The metallic fasteners used are chew-proof so that these do not injure your pet and at the same remain intact.


  • CarZonn claims to produce only the highest quality dog hammock and promises of 100% repayment guarantee in case you do not like the product. Moreover, the latest offer also includes free e-book and the travel bag.
  • The cleaning process is very simple which only requires you to simply shake out, brush off or wipe down with a damp cloth for good hygiene and odor-free experience.


  • Not all of the pets and all car sizes fit well.



This seat cover is reasonably priced given the quality and performance of the product. It has been rated five stars by thousands of users who haven’t faced any major issues for a very long time.


You should ensure that you are purchasing the product from an authentic seller. Go ahead and buy one now!


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