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Dog Ramp for SUV

Getting your dog in and out of a car, especially if your dog is quite old or is suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis might be a nerve racking and difficult chore. This goes not only for you but even for your pet dog.


This is the main reason why there are many manufacturers who have come up with different varieties of dog ramps for your SUVs/Cars. We review the best dog ramps available on the market as soon as they become available, keep scrolling to find out more!

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Best                  Picks

Our Ideal Picks of the very best Dog Ramps available on the market

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Comparison Tables

Compare the best brands of Dog Ramp available on the market

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Buying Information

Learn everything you would need to know about Dog Ramps for SUV.
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Why Buy a Dog Ramp?

The Dog Ramp For SUV allows your dog to simply ascend and descend your SUV by gently inclining the ramp and fitting to the back of your SUV/Car. These ramps can also be used at the vet, having your pet dog groomed, washed and clipped and even indoors.


Dog ramps for SUVs are specifically designed for large to small dogs and even for other pets. You can also find portable Dog Ramps for SUVs suiting your needs and requirements and the weight and size of your pet.

Dog Ramp Reviews

We review not only Dog Ramps for SUVs (unlike our name would suggest!) But here at we endeavour to supply you with the best reviews and tips for almost everything related to aiding a dog for getting from low to high.


We answer any question or worry you may have about purchasing a Dog Ramp for SUV for your furry, four legged friend!

Seriously... we even review Dog Ramps for Pools! How cool is that!

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Dog Stairs
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Telescopic Dog Ramp
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Wide Dog Ramps
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Folding Dog Ramp
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Dog Ramp for Pool
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Everything You Need To Know About Dog Ramps

Buying Information

As we delve further into our Dog Ramp for SUV reviews, it might be beneficial to clue yourself up on essential information prior to making a purchase, we try to be as in depth as we can with our reviews, but it's helpful to ask yourself the question of what exactly you want and need out of a Dog Ramp for your pet. For example, questions such as:



These are but a few questions that we endeavor to answer as you read further, obviously, if you would rather get straight to the best picks available on the market, just Click Here!

Sizing it all up

It is very important that the size of your pet does not overwhelm your dog ramp, our sizing guide explains what requirements are necessary for your specific breed of dog. This is extremely helpful as, much like shopping for clothes for ourselves, sometimes Small, Medium and Large sizes are far too vague in measurements! Take a look at our unique guide prior to purchasing your ramp/stairs in order to get the best option for your dog.

Only just Gripping at the surface!

Almost every model available on this website will be unique to each other in one way or another, grips, treads and anti-slip materials are all part of the originality that each brand has to consider before releasing a new design into the market. Whether your flooring is carpeted, wooden or even cobbled, deciding on the correct ramp tread is worth checking out to decide what grips work for you depending on what surface your dog will have to manoeuvre on.

Biggest Brands in the Business

Behind every Dog Ramp for SUV or staircase is a brand that deserves recognition, if you are only just tuning in to the dog ramp world, the best brands in the dog ramp market will clue you up on the major players who are bringing you these models to the table. From Solvit to PetGear any many more, we review ramps from all of the top guns in the Dog Ramp industry who are dedicated to supplying you with the safest, strongest and cheapest products from around the world!

How Steep is too Steep?

As dogs get older, their legs may take a bit of punishment from various ailments such as arthritis & various inflammatory disorders, this may be your sole purpose for considering purchasing a dog ramp/staircase. Choosing the correct gradient that your dog can tolerate is key to reducing their discomfort in mounting & dismounting various models used for gaining access for greater heights.

Best Picks Comparison Table

Photos Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Price/Buy Now
Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp Solvit/400lbs
Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp Mr Herzher/300lbs
PetGear Free Stander PetGear/200-350lbs
Pet Step Folding Ramp Pet Step/500lbs
Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp Gen-7/250lbs
Paws & Pals Tri-Fold Dog Ramp Paws & Pals/200lbs
Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp Rage Powersports/250lbs
PetGear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp PetGear/200lbs
Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Ramp Solvit/150lbs
PetGear Tri Fold Reflective Ramp PetGear/200ls
PetGear Travel Lite Ramp with Supertrax PetGear/150-200lbs

Our Top 11 Best Picks

Below is our comprehensive list of the BEST Dog Ramp for SUV available. Remember, if you need to be reminded of what size category your dog fits under, a simple search engine search of your breed of dog to determine its size is highly recommend before considering purchasing a Dog Ramp. So you can rest assured knowing that you and your dogs needs are met in terms of your choice of the perfect ramp. You can also check out the "Reviews" tab at the top right of the page which lists a variety of ramps that are ideal depending on the size of your dog and your requirements, take a look!

1) Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp

The Solvit 62320 Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp is the epitome of sturdiness. It boasts arguably the best combination of size, strength and sturdiness that is currently available on the market. The price is slightly higher than some models, but it more than makes up for it with it's strong aluminium perimeter casing and high-traction walking surface. It is also wider than most plastic-based models which allows for a bigger surface area for your pet to walk on.


The best thing about this telescopic dog ramp is that it slides easily to the length you desire based on requirements. It is 48 to 87 inches long depending on how much you want to slide it out, making it ideal for most makes of vehicle, big or small. This ramp also includes a convenient carry handle and safety latch to prevent accidental opening making it an ideal dog ramp for suv.


  • Extremely Sturdy Aluminium Construct

  • Very Lengthy - Extends to 87 Inches

  • Telescopically Folding For Ease Of Storage


  • Rather Heavy Model - Weighs 22lbs



  • OSHA Approved Shur-Foot Tread Surface

  • Fiberglass Rigid-Rail Frame

  • Telescoping Ramp for up to 70 Inches


  • Rather Heavy, Weighs 19lbs


2) Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp

From Mr. Herzher comes one of our favourite ramps available on the market, this folding dog ramp provides versatility, safety & security for your pet, with an OSHA certified Shur-Foot tread surface there will be extremely small amount of sway or bounce to deter your pet in any way from climbing in and out of your SUV. This Dog Ramp for SUV boasts a sturdy rigid-rail frame & the whole ramp weighs only 16lbs!


This is due to the design of the ramp itself being almost identical in strength and design to industrial strength fibreglass ladders that humans use! The Mr Herzher Smart Dog Ramp is carefully designed to protect your pets paws and your cars bodywork from scrapes and knocks, making this ramp the perfect folding dog ramp to conclude our top 11 best picks of 2019!

3) PetGear Free Stander

Pet Gear are back up on our top-11 list with their Pet Gear Free Stander, the main selling feature of this type of ramp being that it does not need to be attached to a vehicle for use and is pretty ideal for dogs up to 200lbs due to its lockable back-plate and carpet tread which provides sure-footing for larger animals, this carpet, unlike most other ramp surfaces, is removable for simple cleaning and the entire ramp is easily foldable for compact storage.


With the addition of rubberised bottom grippers to the front and rear feet, it comes together to produce a very Top-11 worthy ramp indeed.


  • Foldable Back-Plate and Bi-Folding Ramp

  • Soft Carpeting & Easier to Grip

  • Does Not Need To Be Propped Against Cars/Furniture To Use, Stands Freely


  • Rather Narrow Compared To Other Ramps Available



  • Exceptional Holding Power (500lbs)

  • Flexible

  • Bi-Folding

  • Available in multiple colours

  • Non-Slip Walking Surface


  • Slightly Narrower & Shorter Than Other Leading Models


4) Pet Step Folding Ramp

This folding ramp is the perfect choice for dogs that are seniors, injured or otherwise unable to jump up or down into vehicles, this is in part because it is one of the only folding dog ramps available on the market that provide a  non-slip ridged rubber surface that is incredibly soft on paws. This design means that your pet gains superior traction regardless of wether it is wet or dry.


This folding dog ramp is very easy to clean as-well, due to the fact that it is not a carpeted ramp means it can be cleaned simply with a dish cloth and water. The holding power, however, is what is possibly the best feature of the PetSTEP Folding Dog Ramp, it is made of an advanced composite plastic construction that holds weights of up to 500lbs!! Making it an astonishing 2 times stronger than the market leaders, meaning this ramp is a strong contender as the ideal Dog Ramp for SUV.

5) Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp

Why not have a ramp with faux grass on it as a Dog Ramp for SUV? This artificially green Gen7 Natural-Step ramp provides a realistic feel for your pet almost identical to walking up a hill.


The artificial turfing is designed with your pet in mind as it is incredibly soft on your pets paw-pads and allows for your pet to use its claws to get the best grip possible for their ascent into your vehicle. It folds perfectly into an easy-carry suitcase which automatically locks when folded! To top it all off it boasts a holding power of up to a whopping 250lbs, making this ramp a natural born woofer-helper!


  • Faux Grass Carpeting, Extremely Comfortable For Dog

  • Bi-Folding Construct

  • Folds Into Suitcase For Easy Transport

  • Rubber Grips For Ramp Anchoring


  • Slightly Narrow Ramp
  • Difficult To Unpack/Pack, Weighs 19lbs



  • Remarkably Cheap, costs $40

  • Sturdy Carbon-Plastic Construct

  • Extra-Wide

  • Exceptionally Lightweight


  • Rather Short Product, 60" Length
  • Not As Sturdy As Aluminium Models


6) Paws & Pals Tri-Fold Dog Ramp

The Paws and Pals Tri-fold dog ramp is a best seller amongst those on a budget, you can take this particular model away for under $40! With that being said, what it lacks in cost it does not lack in construction quality. It is made of the same dense carbon-plastic that you would expect on models that cost twice as much. This particular Dog Ramp for SUV measures 60"L x 26"W making it the widest available plastic Dog Ramp for SUV on the market. Other extra wide dog ramps tend to be slightly shorter.


It supports weights of up to 200lbs and is Bi-Folding meaning it will dismantle & fit in your SUV with ease allowing you to transport the ramp with your pet for simple set up when needed. The tip of the folding dog ramp is grooved allowing for easy positioning to the back of your SUV. In terms of overall

7) Rage Powersports DR-08 Aluminium Ramp

Rage by name, Rage by design! This robust collapsible ramp is the perfect combination of weight, holding power & length. It flaunts a two-section construction that collapses to fit in any size vehicle, with its sturdy aluminium framing and rigid construction, this ramp can safely accommodate dogs up to 250lbs!


It has a grooved surface and larger than standard rubber feet to allow for your pet to confidently stride into your vehicle. Additionally, the lightweight design and easy expansion allow for simple, single handed operation.


  • Very Lengthy But Bi-Folding for Easy Storage

  • High Traction Grip Tape Applied

  • Sturdy Aluminium Construct


  • Relatively Narrow Compared to Other Varieties 
  • Rather Heavy, Weighs 23lbs
  • Slight Central Bounce As Dog Mounts/Dismounts The Ramp



  • Tri-Folding For Simpler Storage

  • Folds Into A Suitcase For Easier Transport

  • Rubber Grippers On Feet To Aid Anchoring Ramp


  • Narrow Construction
  • Slightly Less Comfortable Ramp Covering - Not Carpeted Like Most Models


8) PetGear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

PetGear are one of the leading brands in pet safety equipment. So it's no wonder why the PetGear Tri-Fold Ramp is a high scorer on our top 15 list! This dog ramp for suv is on the cheaper end of the market, but do not let the low price fool you for quality, this ramp is easily capable of supporting pets of sizes up to 200lbs!


This ramp comes fully loaded with Rubber grippers on the bottom of the folding dog ramp to keep it steady, slip-resistant surface & easy tri-fold storage! 'Our Top Tip': This ramp is ideal for pets that would struggle with a slightly steeper incline due to its height unfolded.

9) Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Ramp

The UltraLite Bi-Fold Ramp is the perfect combination of both lightness & supporting power due to it's rugged-trim plastic construction. It boasts a weight of only 10lbs, but it manages to support weights of over 150lbs!


It is exceptionally durable, and with it's matte-traction surface coupled with four rubber feet on the underside of the ramp it gives your pet the confidence to ascend and descend from your vehicle with ease. With a built-in safety release latch for carrying/storage, this folding dog ramp is the ideal choice for any dog owner who wants a quick and cheap solution for aiding their pet.


  • Extremely Lightweight, Weights 10lbs

  • Comfortable Traction Surfacing

  • Safety Release Guard To Prevent Ramp From Opening Accidentally


  • Rather Short and Narrow Construction, 60"Length & 16" Width.
  • 150lb Maximum Capacity, Not Suitable For XL Dogs



  • Reflecting Strips, Only Dog Ramp Available For Use At Night

  • Tri-Folding For Storage

  • Under-side Rubber Grippers For Ramp Anchoring


  • Narrow Construction
  • Heavy Model, Weighs 26lbs


10) PetGear Tri Fold Reflective Ramp

Visibility isn't something that most people would usually associate as being a desired quality from a pet ramp, however, in many cases as your dog gets older, their eyesight will also tend to decline, this is where this Tri-Fold Reflective Ramp from Pet Gear comes in. It is unique in the fact that it has a high-visibilty reflective material covering the ramp that will greatly assist your dog's vision when they are climbing/descending the ramp.


Alongside this, the ramp comes with a slip-resistant surface and rubber grippers on the bottom to prevent the folding dog ramp from moving and providing the most comfortable scenario for your pet to move confidently. The safety features do not end there, however, as this ramp comes with side-safety reflectors which allow for maximum visibility when the ramp is in use, this exclusive design makes this ramp a best seller for older dogs with slight visual impairments.

11) PetGear Travel Lite Ramp with Supertrax

'Cheap as chips' is a phrase that springs to mind when looking a Dog Ramp for SUV, but do not think for a second that this ramp lacks quality due to its low price, this Travel Lite Ramp with Supertrax from PetGear can easily give the big-dog ramps a run for their money!


This ramp comes with rubberised bottom grips as standard, slip resistant surfacing, a built in handle for portability & holds weights of up to 150 pounds! It's a Bi-Folding variety of ramp which means it can be effortlessly folded and stored. This is not a ramp to be sniffed at!


  • Extremely Lightweight, Weighs 13lbs

  • Built-In Handle For Easy Transport

  • Raised Edges To Prevent Your Dog Falling Off Of The Edge


  • Rather Short Resulting In a Steeper Incline
  • Less Sturdy Plastic, Only Capable Of Holding 150lbs


Alternate Methods of Pet Travel Assistance

Working On A Budget?

We at DogRampForSuv are entirely aware that some of the listed makes and models of dog ramp are incredibly expensive and you may be working more to a smaller budget, worry not! As we have our experts searching for alternative methods of Pet Travel aids daily! Have a look below as to what they have come up with so far!

Tried and Tested

Maybe budget isn't the issue and you or your pet just weren't able to get to grips with a dog ramp, there are many other aids that are around that can assist you and your dog in transporting them from A to B. The list below has been useful to many and may offer you with a far better alternative to pet travel!

Dog Car Seat Cover

Getting your dog into the car is one matter, but keeping them safe and your car clean is another entirely! Using a dog car seat cover can negate any mud, splashes or muck from contaminating the interior of your vehicle.


A decent cover will provide your pet with a far more comfortable and safer journey than without, as many covers are padded for protection. Also most models are machine washable, which is extra handy for those muddy days out with the pooch!

Dog Car Seat

If your dog is extra fidgety in the car, measures may have to be taken to prevent them from being hazardous to the driver's attention or focus when in a vehicle.


A dog car seat can keep your pet secure whilst operating your vehicle, much like the functionality of a child seat. The seats are padded, providing your pet with protection whilst in use.

A Small Dog Sitting in a Dog Seat manufactured by Trixie in the back of a vehicle

Dog SUV Cargo Liner

If you are the owner of a larger vehicle with more trunk space and opt to have your 4 legged companions travel in the back, then a Dog SUV Cargo liner may be right up your alley.


These cargo liners fit snugly in the back of your car or SUV and clip to the rear head-rest of your vehicle. They are great for ensuring your pets stay put as many dogs tend to get restless very quickly while on longer journeys.

Giving Your Pet A Helping Hand

Lifting Assistance

Alongside regular dog ramps, an incredibly safe and easy technique to assist your dog in getting into your car would be a dog lifting harness, these harnesses are usually attached to the underside of the dog and wrap comfortably around the torso/rear end of your pet to give them the best protection and support required to help them into the back of your vehicle.


These are particularly useful for dogs that weigh within your own personal lifting capabilities - the last thing you need is to put your own health at risk in the process, so we recommend only using one on small/medium sized breeds of dog.


Anti Slip Dog Socks

Traction is key in giving your dog the confidence to walk safely on slightly more slippery surfaces. If you are a dog owner, you may well own wooden flooring that provides little traction to your pets paws/claws, this is where anti slip dog socks come in.


These cute socks are designed to allow your pet to move comfortably and confidently around with rubberised texture bottoms to give your pet extra grip when traversing your property or slippery surfaces.


They are rather easy to apply to your pet and most dogs tend to get used to them very quickly.

Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Allowing your dog to rest their legs comfortably at the end of their day is crucial to avoiding ailments and afflictions such as Arthritis and joint pain. Fetching yourself a Memory Foam Dog Mattress could be the change that is necessary to keep your dog happy and pain-free.


These mattresses are commonly available in a range of different shapes and sizes so ensuring you get the correct measurements for your pet is very important.

Dog Joint Supplements

Any assistance that you give to your pet can come in many forms, joint supplements and arthritis tablets are something that very many consider to be extremely helpful ways of keeping their dog's spritely. These tablets are designed to target the joints of your pet to relieve their pain and increase mobility.


Pairing these tablets with a well balanced doggy diet can work wonders using advanced technology to strengthen and heal your dogs cartilage and toughen their bones.