Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp

Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp


The Gen-7 natural step ramp is a ramp like no other, being the only dog ramp on the market that has a poly-grass tread, it really is exceptionally original. The comfort your pet feels on their paws whilst climbing this ramp coupled with it's ultra thin design and sleek compact suitcase style storage makes for a top contender amongst all dog ramp brands that are currently available.


This ramp is exceptionally light weight but does not slack on its holding power capabilities, read on to find out if the Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp is the one for you and your dog!


Faux Grass & Sleek Lightweight Design

Getting your dog to ascend your dog ramp is often a chore in itself, your pet may not entirely understand the functionalities of a dog ramp and may find themselves stuck on what to do. The surface of the Gen-7 dog ramp is made of a faux poly-grass tread that your dog will be able to familiarize themselves with, this in turn, will aid giving your pet the confidence to climb the ramp comfortably. The poly-grass tread is also extremely soft and easy on your pets paws and also provides a great deal of traction which is equally a massive plus point for any dog ramp for suv/car


The ramp itself weighs 17 pounds which is a rather lightweight construct for a dog ramp, this is partly due to it's incredibly thin thickness, being only 3 inches think, many buyers are incredibly wary of this ramp prior to purchase, however, with it's tested holding weight of up to 250lbs, the reduced thickness clearly makes no difference to the holding power capabilities that this ramp offers.

Compact & Accessible Design

This dog ramp is the definition of multi-functioning, being able to collapse down and transform into a transportable suitcase design is an incredibly sought after feature regarding dog ramps as being able to store your ramp in the back of your SUV or car easily is key for ease of access.


Once the Gen-7 natural ramp is securely fastened into it's suitcase form it can be carried via it's soft rubber grip handle. There is an automatic lock mechanism that securely latches the ramp shut so that it will not be able to accidentally unfold on your fingers protecting you and your pet from harm when unfolding the ramp. The folded dimensions of this product are: Length = 36 inches, Width = 16 inches & Thickness = 3 Inches, meaning that storage should not be a problem in the back of most SUVs/Cars

Getting Exact Measurements

The measurements for this product are as follows:


Length = 72 Inches

Width = 16 Inches

Height = 1.5 inches

Holding Power = 250 lbs

Product Weight = 17 lbs


This product matches the larger metallic models in terms of length once extended. It also mimics the holding power of some of the larger aluminium products available on the market of up to 250 lbs. This ramp really isn't much of a chore to unfold, simply unclip the latch from the edge of the bi-folded structure and lock in once extended and vice-versa to collapse and fold back up again, easy!

Finishing Thoughts

On concluding thoughts, this ramp is priced very similar to some of the metallic models which may put people off of buying this particular dog ramp, overall however, with the addition of the faux grass tread it becomes a far better confidence boosting stable ramp that almost all dog owners look for when considering buying their own models.


Since the Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp has the same holding capacity as many aluminium varieties, it is definitely worth its weight in gold!