Best Folding Dog Ramp 2019

Folding Dog Ramp


Why Buy A Folding Dog Ramp?

The majority of ramps you will find on the market are over 70 inches once fully extended, basically, they can be extremely large. To give your pet the easiest climbing experience available, top brands butt their heads on the product design front to give us the lengthiest ramps available. But this poses an obvious problem, storage.


Be it a Tri-Folding or Bi-Folding ramp, the major names in the market have always been striving the achieve 3 goals, safety, comfort and affordable products. It's just down to you to decide which suits you and your pooch's needs.


There are very few SUVs/Cars that have the room to stuff a 70 inch ramp in, that’s where the Folding Dog Ramp strides in to provide an alternative to meet the needs of the many, below we review the Best Folding Ramp Available on the Market


Ideal for Storage

The folding dog ramp variety separates mainly into two different categories, bi-folding and tri-folding. For those of you who hadn’t already read between the lines, bi-folding ramps are capable of being folded twice whilst tri-folding are capable of folding three times. So which is the ideal pick?


In terms of structuring alone, bi-folding ramps tend to be slightly more robust and capable of holding greater weights, however, you sacrifice storage space as a consequence. Tri-folding ramps have these characteristics reversed; they are capable of holding less but fold more times to create a more compact folded storage solution. This choice is entirely up to you, naturally, below we have reviewed a few out of both categories to give you a little hand in deciding for yourself!


Tri-Folding Dog Ramps

Photo Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Buy Now
Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Pet Gear/200lbs
Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra Wide Pet Ramp Pet Gear/200lbs
Pet Gear Tri-Folding Ramp Pet Gear/200lbs


Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX, Black/Green

The Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX is ranked first on our list and for good reason, as with all Pet Gear products, they have used their patented supertraX tread on this model. This tread provides the best and most comfortable grip in the industry and is widely known as being the dominant tread within the market. The supertraX tread is removable for easy cleaning and is machine washable, the exterior is incredibly soft which will protect your pets paws and the external paintwork of your vehicle.


Once collapsed and ready for storage, this particular model has a suitcase style carry handle allowing you to transport the ramp easily. If storage is what you are after then this ramp folds from 71 inches in length to 26 inches once fully collapsed and stowed, meaning that it would fit in the back of most SUVs/Cars with ease.


This ramp comes with a tether at the head of the ramp that attaches to the rear trunk lock or tailgate to reduce the risk of the ramp moving whilst being operated by your pet. The sides of this particular model of ramp are raised higher to give your pet the extra guidance they may need to remain on the ramp. On the underside of the ramp there are rubber grippers that prevent the ramp from moving whilst in use.


The Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX holds weights of up to 200lbs and the model itself weighs 15 lbs, which, in comparison to other models on the market of similar dimensions, make it an extremely light ramp to pick up and maneuver.


With all of the safety features mentioned above and the supertraX ramp tread included, this is a brilliant overall ramp for the price, we just had to include it in our reviews section!

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra Wide Pet Ramp

The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra Wide Pet Ramp is the next addition to our reviews list, it is an extremely similar model to the one mentioned above and that is because the actual design itself is patented by Pet gear. No other brand will be seen on the market creating tri-fold varieties of dog ramp, but that should not be viewed as a negative with Pet Gear taking up the reins, they are a brand that have been producing dog ramps for decades so your four legged friend is in good hands, anyway, enough about the brand, on to the product!


This model sports a slightly different form of grip-tape instead of the supertraX that you would see on other Pet Gear models, this grip tape is extremely easy on your pets paws but will not allow your pets claws to dig in as much as the supertraX variety , this model is $30 cheaper than the model mentioned above and we feel the cost shows slightly on the gripping front.


It is not all doom and gloom though, this is still an exceptional ramp and is far wider than almost all models on the market, it extends up to 71 inches in length and a whopping 20 inches width! Giving your pet far more horizontal traction than any other model on the market, this will greatly increase your pets confidence ascending the ramp and will allow for a bit of wiggle room either side of your pet for them to maneuver if necessary.


This ramp supports weights of up to 200lbs and is extremely easy to fold and unfold and comes with a latch that retains the shape of the ramp whilst folded. The suitcase carry handle is also attached to this product as standard with Pet Gear products.


Overall, the varieties of Pet Gear ramps with supertraX treads will far surpass those without in terms of grip, however this ramp is far wider than other models so, depending on you and your pets needs, this folding dog ramp may be the ideal ramp for your circumstance.

Pet Gear Tri-Folding Ramp


There is a reason as to why the PetGear Tri-Folding ramp is featured on our Home Page. This is because easily one of the best ramps available on the market. Pet Gear are the only brand in the business that produce Tri-Folding varieties of ramp, so it seems fitting that we mention their name yet again with this exceptionally affordable and strong model.


The PetGear Tri-Folding ramp is the cheapest Tri-folding model available on amazon. It costs $64.99, but is capable of holding identical amounts of weight to other models of twice the price. It is a ramp that is capable of bearing the weight of pets up to 200lbs, so that means this ramp is suitable for any breed or weight of dog. 


It has a built in handle when folded that allows you to carry the ramp from A to B, this ramp is rubberised so you can get a firm grip on the handle prior to transporting it. The handle is not the only thing on this ramp that is rubberised, the underside of the ramp has firm grippers to prevent it from slipping whilst in use, this will calm your pets nerves when they are climbing it and give them the confidence to get into the back of your SUV/Car without hassle. This ramp comes with a safety tether that attaches to the back of your vehicle to entirely nullify any unwanted movement of the ramp whilst being operated by you dog.


This model is extremely lengthy but lightweight for how far it can extend, it is capable of reaching lengths of 71 inches when fully extended but weighs only 14lbs, this is quite remarkable considering this ramp has 3 sections and can hold weights of up to 200lbs as mentioned previously. 


Overall, this large ramp gives incredible amounts of quality for the cost, if you have a small-large dog then this ramp could not be recommended enough, if you have an XL dog, however, they may struggle slightly as this ramp is not as wide as other varieties of ramp, but that does not take away the incredible craftsmanship that petgear have ascertained to get this ramp on the market for such a low price.

Bi-Folding Dog Ramps


Photo Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Buy Now
Gen-7 Natural Step Ramp Gen-7/250lbs
GoPlus Pet Ramp GoPlus/250lbs
Prairie Industries Bi-Folding Ramp Prairie Industries/250lbs

Gen-7 Natural-Step Ramp

The Gen-7 Natural-step ramp is first up on our best picks list and for good reason; it is an extremely unique variety of ramp and has been perfected by Gen-7, a brand that is relatively new to the Dog Ramp scene.


The most obvious unique feature has to be the Poly-Grass tread that spans the entire length of the ramp, this ramp tread mimics a dog’s ascent up a hill as they can really sink their paws into the poly-grass surfacing to give the upmost amount of traction. The tread itself is incredibly soft as well meaning that it is comfortable for your pet but it also means that scrapes against your SUV/Car’s paintwork will be nullified.


The ramp itself extends to 72 inches which is a great length for reducing the incline your pet will face when climbing the ramp. It is incredibly simple to open and fold after use and comes with a soft rubberised grip handle for easy transport of the ramp. There is an automatic lock that latches secure on the edge of the ramp to prevent accidental opening of the ramp itself. This means that it can comfortably fit in the back of an SUV or Car without risk of it unfolding unintentionally.


This model can hold a maximum capacity weight of 250 lbs, making it capable of holding any breed size of dog, which is great news for you who own dogs like Newfoundlands or Great Danes! It is an average width for ramps this length, sitting at 16 inches of width, but with the incredible grip and surface traction that this ramp provides with its poly-grass technology, the extra width just isn’t necessary.


Overall, this ramp is an exceptional ramp for the price, you can pick this model up for under $100, which is incredible for a brand that appear to be a one trick pony on the dog ramp front, which is incredibly strange considering this ramp has some of the best ratings and reviews available on amazon from all of their pleased customers. We may be seeing more from Gen-7 in the future!

Goplus Aluminium Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

The Goplus Aluminium Bi-Fold Pet Ramp is one of the only available aluminium varieties of bi-folding ramp, due to the fact that the majority of aluminium based ramps tend to be telescopic. This means that it is extra strong and boasts a max capacity weight of 250lbs, making it suitable for all weights of dogs without the potential for flexing or wobbling under stress.

The ramp comes with standard high traction surface grip tape that is extremely paw-friendly and provides ample traction for your pet to comfortably ascend to it’s destination. The plus point you get with an aluminium construction is that it will last you far longer on average than most plastic models that are on the market, which is ideal for those looking for a long-term solution.

This model is a whopping 96 inches in length (8 foot)! Meaning that, once fully extended, this ramp can provide one of the lowest inclines available on the market, this ramp will be incredibly flat to the floor making it one of the easiest to ascend for your dog. However, if this length is not required, Goplus offer this ramp in 3 different length sizes, 8 foot, 7 foot and 6 foot, reducing the price by 30$ and ensuring you get the ramp that is ideal for you and your dog.

The Goplus aluminium bi-fold pet ramp weighs a mere 19lbs, which is incredibly light for an 8 foot aluminium ramp. It can be manoeuvred into position far easier than most metallic variations of ramp and can be folded down to 48 inches in length for storage in the back of your vehicle or garage. There is a suitcase style carry handle attached to this product as standard for easier transport of the ramp itself.

Overall this ramp has everything you would need to justify making a purchase; it is a lightweight, metallic, lengthy bi-folding ramp that costs just over $100 and is incredibly easy to store. Take a look using the link to the left!

Prairie View Industries Aluminum Ramp

The Prairie View Industries Aluminium Ramp is the 2nd aluminum variety of ramp on our list, it is a huge ramp that is targeted at accommodating larger breeds of dogs. It's integrated handle and ergonomic design comes with a carry handle once folded and velcro strips that attach to the side of the ramp to prevent it opening once accidentally opening once folded, that is no the only feature that this ramp has however, lets read on!


This ramp is capable of holding a maximum capacity weight of 250lbs, which is the norm for aluminum varities of ramp as metal is far sturdier than plastic, however,  it means that the ramp itself is heavier. This ramp in question weighs in at 22lbs, which is slightly on the hefty side, so if you struggle from lifting larger weights then this ramp may not be an ideal choice for you.


If you are capable of managing the weight of the product, then something worth knowing about the ramp is that it is a whopping 8 foot in length! This ramp extends up to 96 inches which is ample room to fit to the back of your SUV/Car and will provide your pet with a very low incline allowing them to ascend the ramp without having to fight for grip due to it being too steep.


Overall, for the price of the product, we feel that as much as there are cheaper options available, this ramp is as sturdy as it comes, the fact that this product is created from aluminium and has safety features in place to prevent the ramp from opening accidentally once folded negates the fact that it is rather heavy, if you are careful with the product and take your time then the benefits of owning this folding dog ramp will become clear, take a look at the product using the link to the left to find out more!


Dog Ramps are available in all shapes and sizes and will meet the needs of anyone who is willing to put in the effort to research which ramp would be perfect for them. These reviews are here not only as an in-depth buying guide, but also as a way to compare different versions of the same type of ramp, so it's almost fitting that we compared these two different variants of folding ramp for you to make the most informed decision possible. If you wish to view a wider range of ramps;

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We hope you enjoyed our diverse product choices based on budget, brand names and holding powers and that you chose a model that is perfect for your cause!