Best Dog Ramp for Bed 2019

Dog Ramp For Bed

Why Buy a Dog Ramp for Bed?

Allowing your pet access to the bed is like bungee jumping, you either love it or hate it. Judging by the fact that you are on this page now, I presume you are in love with the idea. A decent dog ramp for bed, however, is all surplus to requirements.


Below, we have compared multiple dog ramps that may foot the bill in terms of being the ideal dog ramp for bed that you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Click Here to see our best picks comparison list!

Snuggling Up

From an early age, a dogs natural instinct is to curl up within the litter in order to keep warmth whilst their fur coats are at their thinnest. You would think that this would be something that they grow out of, but warmth through body-heat is ingrained in their DNA, so a snuggle on your bed is absolute heaven to your dog!


Allowing them up may be a challenge though, as some beds rise far higher than their little legs can manage. Unfortunately, larger sized dogs will have trouble with these varieties of ramp, smaller breeds of dogs only i'm afraid! We have reviewed a collection of ramps for dogs of all shapes and sizes! Read on to find out more!

Dog Ramp for Bed - Best Picks Comparison Table

Photo Name Brand/Holding Power Avg. Rating Price/Buy Now
Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp Solvit/150lbs
PetGear Free Standing Dog Ramp PetGear/200lbs
Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination with supertraX PetGear/150lbs



Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp

The Solvit Wood Bedside Dog Ramp For Bed is the first up on our list for review, it is an incredibly long ramp that sits at 70 inches in length which would provide the most ideal fit down the side of a regular queen sized bed with a nightstand at the head of the bed. With the ramp being this length, it greatly reduces the incline that your dog would be expected to ascend to get to the top of the bed, and with a generous sized landing surface at the top of the ramp, it gives your pet ample room to pivot and walk onto your bed.


This ramp is 16 inches wide which results in a large surface area for your dog to climb onto and reduces the risk of them toppling off of the edge. This ramp is ideal for pets who are unable or not willing to use stairs as it creates a far more approachable surface, in late 2016, Solvit upgraded the model to facilitate thicker carpeting as there were some customers who were unhappy with the grip that the old carpet provided. The new carpet implemented provides incredible levels of grip and support and gives your pet something to dig their claws comfortably into.


The Solvit Wood Bedside Dog Ramp For Bed supports weights of up to a maximum 150lbs, meaning that it is ideal for smaller/medium breeds of dogs but would struggle under the weight of larger dogs so we would recommend a different ramp if your dog weighs around anywhere over 110lbs. 


Overall this ramp is an exceptional all-rounder and very appealing on the eye in it's beautiful cherry gloss, with its generous landing area and incredibly lengthy design coupled with it's thicker carpeting for better traction, this ramp meets the criteria for almost every scenario. The ramp takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble so your pet should be up and running in your comfy bed in no time!

 Pet Gear Free Standing Dog Ramp

Up next is another variety of dog ramp for bed from Pet Gear, however, it differs greatly in shaping and height to the other products in their catalogue. The Pet Gear Free Standing Dog Ramp is actually a multi-purpose ramp that we have reviewed on our home page for being one of the best available ramps for loading pets into the back of an SUV/Car.


Since it is a free-standing ramp and supports it's own weight with the folding dense plastic backplate, it can also be used comfortably indoors as well as outdoors, which is perfect news for those who are looking for a ramp that works with their vehicle and one to access greater heights of furniture like beds and couches.


The ramp is extremely compact and folds incredibly easily, so if you have a raised bed with space underneath it can easily slide under once the backplate has been collapsed and can fit underneath your bed for use in the morning if necessary. The ramp measures 56L x 16""W x 23""H and is ideal for pets weighing up to 200 pounds. Which makes this ramp the only variety of ramp that larger breeds of dogs can operate without the ramp wobbling or collapsing.


The patented supertraX ramp tread is extremely comfortable and moulds around your pets paws resulting in precision grip for your pet, this tread is removable and machine washable. For safety, this ramp has slightly raised edges to keep your pet confidently on track and sports rubber grips on the underside of the model that prevents slipping on all forms of flooring, which is great for dogs that are already unsteady on their feet!







Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination with supertraX


The Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination with supertraX is a dog ramp for bed for those on a budget, this particular model sits at $49.99, costing less than half of most models on the market, but don't let the price fool you, this ramp is still an incredibly adequate ramp for the money. This dog ramp for bed is a dense plastic construction that requires no tools whatsoever to build from scratch, the side panels and main base of the ramp snap together without the need for a single nail or screw. 


The ramps tread is made of Pet Gear's patented supertraX tread, this tread is the best available on the market, it boasts the greatest combination of grip and comfort and is also removable for easy machine washing. On the underside of the ramp are rubber grippers that anchor the dog ramp for bed in place preventing it from moving whilst your pet is climbing on to your bed. The actual construction itself is very lightweight, weighing only 8 pounds, it can easily be maneuvered from room to room without an issue.


The Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination is 16 Inches high, 16 Inches wide and 28 Inches long, which may be a slight issue if you have a very high-raised bed, before considering making a purchase we suggest you measure the height from the top of your bed to the floor to give yourself an indication of whether this dog ramp for bed is right for you.


If you are looking for a safe and confident way for your pet to access your warm bed, the aforementioned ramps above provide exactly that. They are all equipped with very comfortable treads and will provide the upmost amount of padding for your pets paw pads, so we that part will already be covered for you. The budgeting and Feng-shui matching elements of the purchase are entirely up to you, however, so we would highly recommend having a look through some of the products above to make that decision for yourself.


Still, if you are unhappy with the selection of dog ramps that we have reviewed for you, why no consider looking at our Best Dog Stairs Reviews that provide equal benefit and meet the same needs as a dog ramp in terms of your pet reaching a required height. You are sure to find something that matches your criteria there!